New Zealand Dairy Collaborative Limited is a newly built facility for manufacturing Oral Nutritive Supplementary Food (ONSF) products in powder form. We are MPI and GACC registered factory dedicated to manufacturing OEM and ODM products for our clients for all demographics including infants, toddlers, sportsmen, pregnant women, and elderly.​


We have a modern, built-for-purpose manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art equipment. We use the latest blending and packaging systems to ensure high-quality and compliant product manufacturing. Our factory is certified to manufacture cow, goat, and sheep milk-powder based products in different packaging.

We understand that traceability is an essential consideration while buying nutritious food products. Hence, all our products come with an internationally approved traceability with full supply chain verification, allowing consumers to verify product authenticity and origins digitally.


Leading position

NZDCL to provide an outstanding, Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) service and facility of powder form Oral Nutritive Supplementary Food (ONSF) products, that continually exceed our customer’s expectations.

High-level services

NZDCL to focus on developing long-term strategic alliances with key business partners through high-level services provided.

Close client relationships

NZDCL to become an integral part of each one of our clients’ businesses and processes through value-added options and concepts.


NZDCL to focus on developing new products, markets, and opportunities globally through the innovative use of nutritional technology and packaging.


Product Development

We are a nimble company providing a 360-degree solution or a one-stop-shop approach for our client. We can work with you at all stages of developing a product, from creating a unique recipe and manufacturing the blend to sourcing raw materials and managing logistics to deliver the products. ​


We meet the changing needs of our clients with flexible production sizes that can accommodate smaller run needs. We have prompt-decision making systems that enable us to respond quickly to the market needs.

High Quality

We source nutrient-rich and high-quality milk powder and other raw materials from clean, green environments like New Zealand. We ensure the ultimate purity in the product from grass-to-glass. Working together with our farmers and suppliers, we create a product fit for purpose as well as delivers a definite nutritional advantage for consumers.

We adhere to local and international standards and are RMP, NP3, and GACC certified.

Experienced Staff

Our team is based in the thriving, rural town of Ashburton, which is surrounded by farming districts. All our staff members are highly trained and experienced in the food-industry with decades of experience. Our team is based in New Zealand and have an excellent understanding of working with international clients from across the globe with an understanding of international compliance standards.