We provide contract-manufacturing service for manufacturing Oral Nutritive Supplementary Food (ONSF) products at our built-for-purpose factory. We offer OEM (or private label production) to create a customized product for you. We meet your changing needs with a flexible production size that can accommodate all your needs. We have a vast experience of recipe and concept development that enables us to create new product ranges. With a simple five-step process, we work with you to create a unique recipe for your product: Design, Source, Product, Package, and Export.


We work with you to formulate a recipe that meets all the regulatory requirements and at the same time is a tasty and unique product for you to sell to your customers. Our team can help with market research and identifying the latest trends for you.



Our supply-chain team can source the high-quality, nutritious raw-materials and manufacturing supplies from the approved supplier at affordable prices to ensure that your product is competitive in the market.



Our purpose-built factory manufactures the product compliant with international safety and regulatory standards. Using the best equipment on our certified production line, we ensure that products meets all the requirements.



We have the latest equipment to support advanced packing technology, ensuring pure nutritional qualities of milk are safely and hygienically sealed through a hygienic and gentle processing system.



We have existing partnerships with the best logistics companies to ensure that the manufactured product is delivered to you safely and in a timely manner.



New Zealand Dairy Collaborative Limited are experts in developing a range of nutritious and delicious recipes for all age groups.


We manufacture the products in these four categories:

Oral Nutritive Supplementary Food Formulated supplementary Food for children, elderly, pregnant/lactating women, sportsmen, and people with suboptimal health concerns.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Formulated milk powder, whole/skim milk powder, solid beverage powder, specialty powder products, and protein isolate/blends.

Infant Nutrition Formula Products Nutritious infant formula, follow-on formula, and formulated supplementary food for young children.

Food For Special Medical Purposes Balanced and nutritional formula powder for medical purposes.


Orbalife Goat Toddler Milk is a Goat milk formula nutritionally designed for the little tummies. We have the capability to produce infant and toddler formula milk powder for 0-6m, 6-12m, and 12-36m. 

Mumsome Full Cream Goat Milk Powder.jpg

Mumsome Full Cream Goat Milk Powder is 100% full cream goat milk powder available in 400g. We have advanced vacuum packing systems to pack tins with different net weights.

Rayaia Lactoferrin Probiotic Milk Powder

Rayaia Lactoferrin Probiotic Milk Powder is a blend of milk powder and additional nutrients. We are experts in blending supplementary nutritional ingredients in formula milk to create unique recipes.

Rayaia Priobiotic Fiber Goat Milk Powder

Rayaia Probiotic Fibre Goat Milk Powder is an adult milk formula with added calcium, probiotics and dietary fibre. We can create recipes for all age groups, including infants, toddlers and adults.

Mumsome Protein Powder Plus.jpg

Mumsome Protein Powder Plus+ is a powdered blend of soy, pea, rice, and goat milk proteins. We have nutrition experts in our team to create unique recipes with a wide range of nutrients.


Koati Goat Whole Milk Powder is a delicious and nutricious 100% goat milk powder. Available in 400 grams pack, this is suitable alternative for those with cow's milk intolerance.