The 6,295 square meters factory is built upon five key pillars: high quality, legally compliant, efficient and accurate, latest technology, and being flexible. We specialize in dry powder blending and packaging in different formats like canning. The manufacturing plant is licensed for cow and goat milk powder-based products. Our factory is fully equipped with the latest equipment to manufacture the products.


We have adopted a world-renowned production solution INDOSA (Switzerland) for filling, seaming, and packing equipment and GEA (Germany) for all the powder handling equipment. Utilizing these systems allows us to produce the highest quality of finished products. The residue oxygen level is much lower than industry standards which results in fresher products with a longer shelf life.


Our HVAC system, nitrogen generator, compressors, air handler, and other equipment are all world-class machinery systems. 


We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing factory to provide you with tailored product solutions. We have complete flexibility and control over the product line to create customized products. We also have the capacity to add extra infrastructure for the provision of a second production line and other equipment to cater to growth in the near future.